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Step by step changing the focus of Columbus Day from a greater to a lesser evil, is a far more sensible answer than expecting blood thirsty People who still support the imperialist policies of the United States, and an ever increasing police state, to easily cease the celebration of evil cold turkey!

I disagree. I feel it is a terrific way of life as a result of it substituted the rat race and the each day grind for natural processes, growing your individual food, elevating animals, being self-ample, and participating in a close-knit neighborhood. Sounds significantly better than commuting to work for two hours a day, working for some company hack of an organization and going residence to the boob-tube!

At present Sawyer arrived, he stated there were extra casualties in the Co. They took three small islands off coast of Leyte. How can they push an outfit as the have ours! Toland & Brayant had been killed, about 20 wounded. Rosario had an arm shot off. They bumped into ambushes. We’ve got however two officers left. I do not think about there may be greater than 20 men of our authentic Company left. Sawyer says they’ll hit one other Island the 15th of this month. It appears as if they won’t cease until they kill the whole outfit off.

Actually in Salt Lake City they had one which even would actually name the trains out, it would let you know what track and what time…this was freight trains now and this was run by the United States Authorities…and they had a PA system…that would let you know what time the prepare was leaving and where one of the best place to catch it was…it was wonderful…a lot of people wouldn’t believe it…I bear in mind…but that was really one thing…and it was a real clean place.

I am not purposely offensive. I’m purposely defensive. Every year a assassin and a disgrace to all individuals, of all races, is honored as a hero. You think about a rapist, a murderer, and a thief to be a courageous explorer? Adolf Hitler brought about the deaths of far much less individuals than Christopher Columbus and all who came after. Yet you might have an issue taking a look at Hitler. However, you anticipate educated individuals of conscience to ignore the celebration of evil.

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