4 Tips To Choose a Commercial AC Repair Company

Summer’s humidity and warm temperatures require an efficiently running AC system most of the year. If your AC is having trouble keeping up with the summer heat, it may be time to call an AC repair technician. Here are four tips to help you in your search for a quality HVAC repair company.

Licensed Technicians

The technician working commercial AC repair in Lakeland should have a license. Even if they don’t have years and years of experience, they should be licensed with the state. In order to be properly licensed, technicians must know plumbing and electrical applications and how to work with gas lines. A license offers you an opportunity for recourse if things don’t work out.

Read Reviews

As with any search for a quality contractor, online reviews can be extremely helpful. Read the good and the bad. Sometimes a bad review doesn’t mean the company is bad, but enough of them and you may want to steer clear. Good reviews can be faked, so be sure to comb through quite a few to get a feel for the company.

Cost Analysis

A company shouldn’t be able to give you an estimate or bid on the phone. There isn’t a way for them to know exactly the issues with your unit until they see it. Also be wary of choosing the least expensive option. While you don’t necessarily need to go with the expensive option, the lowest bid may indicate future problems.

Unit Recommendations

There are times when the AC is no longer repairable or when purchasing a new AC is a better alternative. The AC repair company should offer you more than one option to upgrade your existing unit. The units offered should be newer models than your current system and meet the demands of the building.

Don’t let a failing AC keep you from keeping cool year-round. A quality HVAC technician has the experience and knowledge to save you money, repair your unit or help you purchase a new one.