Care for the health and sustainability of the water, plant, and aquatic life

When a newly dug pond or lake takes place, caretakers of this area should have a specific plan of action in place to care for the health and sustainability of the water, plant, and aquatic life in and around the water, as well as other plant and wildlife species that will emigrate and make this area home.

One major problem ponds and lakes encounter is the oxygen level reduction in the water. Caused by a number of naturally occurring factors, this oxygen depletion can ultimately lead to widespread problems, up to and including the increase of smelly, toxic gasses; overwhelming algae growth; and ultimately, choking out and killing fish and desired aquatic plants and growth.

One considerable proactive step that can be taken here to prevent or reduce the buildup of harmful nutrients that promote algae growth is the installation of aeration pumps for lakes and ponds, one (or perhaps more) that is appropriate to the size and needs of the water area.

The bottom muck in such areas increases as oxidation of organic wastes slow down. Animal, plant, and bacteria respiration deplete the oxygen levels in the water. When this stale, unmoving water continues to stay in its unchecked state, the pH levels of the water increase. Stratification, the temperature difference between the top and bottom levels of the lake or pond occurs, with a great reduction of oxygen at lower levels the result.

An aeration pump, which diffuses from the body of water’s bottom, provides a great array of benefits to this area. This movement from the bottom upwards helps to reduce the nutrient buildup on the bottom by speeding up the breakdown of that organic material. This movement also removes stratification, helping to balance water pH levels. These lower levels, accompanied by more oxygen-rich water at every level, helps to ensure fish and other beneficial organisms and plant life have the oxygen they need throughout the year.

Helping to increase beneficial bacteria, aeration pumps also help to control midge flies and mosquitos, perhaps seen as a bonus for neighboring human residents. This is a very cost-effective and efficient means of helping the pond or lake develop and maintain a living, thriving environment, one in which any caretaker of such areas should take full advantage of.