The Amazing Aspects of Berber Rugs

Fashion is always advancing, but that doesn’t render antique fashions obsolete. The fact is that most of the new advancements are from the past fashion trends or pure recreation or revisiting of the past products. That is the very case with Berber Rugs – also known as Beni Ourain rugs, these highly coveted products originate from the creative Moroccan sub-tribe ‘the Berbers.’ The Berbers have been credited for having mastered such extreme artwork, combining style, creativity and comfort all in one product. Their rugs are laced with different knotting patterns, dyes as well as fabric texture.
The Berbers traditionally hand-weaved these rugs using natural fiber and utilized them mainly as floor covers. The rugs were advantageous as people could easily roll them up and transport them during the seasonal migration.

Today, these Berber rugs are hitting high in demand again. They are the new talk in the design …