Creative Ways to Use Glass in Your Home

When you are building a new home, glass isn’t just for the windows anymore. There are all sorts of creative ways you can use glass throughout your home. You will be surprised at the variety of types of glass and the way it is being incorporated in homes. Look at these 7 creative ways to use glass in your home.

1. Shower Enclosures

Long gone are the bulky frames on shower stalls. Now you can have a complete glass enclosure that will open up the space of the room. You will not need a shower curtain because the glass will showcase the tiling on the floors and walls. You can choose clear glass or patterned glass depending on your need for privacy.

2. Custom Cut Mirrors

While decorating your home, have a mirror custom cut. You can shop a vintage store for a unique frame and have the mirror cut to fit. This will add such character to your home. The glass can even be beveled to add more dimension and interest.

3. Adding Skylights

Adding skylights in your home brings in the natural lighting. Putting a skylight over your bed would be a fantastic way to enjoy the stars at nighttime. Adding skylights can also reduce the need for electricity by naturally lighting up your home during the daytime.

4. Custom Doors

Using glass in your exterior doors can be beautiful. There is patterned and frosted glass that will add privacy but allow the light to filter inside. Sliding glass doors, and French doors are some of the most popular. You also have the option of adding bullet proof glass to your door.

5. Adding a Bay Window

You could add a bay window in your bedroom to use as a reading nook. A bay window is also beautiful for a breakfast eating area. Home windows Boise ID bring the outdoors inside. Consider putting a bay window facing your pond or pool area.

6. Glass Top Tables

For a unique and beautiful table, use glass. Visually it opens up the room, and makes it feel larger than it really is. A glass topped table is a showstopper. If you like the look of wood for your dining room table, have a glass topper cut to protect the wood. It will give longevity to your furniture.

7. Over the Top Custom Ideas

Consider using glass accents in your home for that over to top look. A glass wall would be unique to separate the dining room from the living room. Frosted glass doors on your kitchen cabinets would give a more modern look. Custom cut glass floating shelving would be really cool in the living room to showcase your collection. Enclosing your closet with glass would keep the dust out, keeping your clothing clean. There are even architects creating entire homes out of glass.

Think of glass as an artistic medium. Glass has many fine qualities that makes it a wonderful tool to use, including durability and appearance. Begin to add creative touches of glass to your home to spice it up.