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Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum cleaners are needed in every home. Vacuum cleaners come in handy for cleaning any type of dirt whatever kind of flooring your might have, a wall to wall carpeting, tiles or hardwood floors. These factors below will help you choose the right kind of vacuum for your home. First you need to consider whether you need a handheld vacuum or a full sized vacuum. If your house has several carpeted rooms and a high volume of traffic, you should invest in a full-size machine, an upright or a canister style. If your home does not have carpeting and you will only use your vacuum for spot clean ups then it is best to get a handheld vacuum. Handhelds are much cheaper, smaller and more portable. Although full sized vacuums have more power than the hand held ones, most home owners would buy both types, one for large scale cleaning and the other for small clean ups. You should also consider where you will use the vacuum. A canister style vacuum cleaner is preferable if you are going to be cleaning stairs or a room with a lot of furniture. If you use a canister model, you should position the machine’s suction hose to vacuum, rather than pushing the entire machine everywhere you want to clean. These hoses are flexible and can easily fit into awkward spaces and move around obstacles. Their suction attachments are also safe for bare floors such as rile or hardwood or delicate carpet. This canister type vacuum cleaner is lighter than the upright one and is ideal for carrying up and down the stairs.
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You can work faster and easier with an upright vacuum if your space is large and open. It is easy to push these types of vacuum cleaners because they are self propelled. Their storage containers are very large usually a bag or a chamber which can store dirt and debris which take time to fill so you don’t have to keep on emptying it.
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Another consideration to make is the amount of power you need for your vacuum. If a lot of people go in and out of your home and you floors are often deeply soiled, then you should buy a high powered vacuum cleaner. If your floors don’t get that dirty then you simply need a cheap, low powered vacuum. These low powered vacuum are lighter and easier to move also. Vacuum maintenance is another consideration when buying a vacuum. Most vacuum cleaners need regular maintenance like changing bags, filters, and some occasional repairs. There can be higher maintenance expenses and higher upfront costs for an expansive vacuum model. A vacuum with obscure brand may cost lower but you can have trouble finding supplies.

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