Maintaining Your Decorative Body of Water


A pond or lake on your property can be a valuable asset. It increases the value of your property. It also attracts creatures like geese, ducks, and beavers.

As beautiful as this body of water may be, it can succumb to detrimental contaminants that could mar its beauty and safety. You can keep it clean by hiring contractors for moss removal, pH balancing, and aquatic weed control.

Controlling Uncontrolled Vegetation

Ponds and lakes are magnets for all kinds of vegetation. Everything from lily pads to grasses grow alongside and in the water. The water provides many of the nutrients these plants need in order to thrive.

While you want some types of vegetation to thrive, you do not want others to take root and grow uncontrolled. Algae, for example, can choke the oxygen and nutrients out of the water, causing fish, frogs, and other wildlife to die quickly. The algae does not offer any kind of nutrients or sustenance to creatures that live in the water.

Removing algae can be a challenge if you are not skilled at this task, however. Even if you scoop it out and throw it on the bank, it can quickly grow back in the water if the water is not treated to discourage its growth.

The contractors with the business can use shock tablets and other resources to restore the pH balance in the water to discourage the growth of algae, moss, and other vegetation. The water will have the right chemical balance to foster healthy wildlife and plant growth. It will remain clearer for longer even if the water is not aerated or moving.

Taking care of a decorative pond or lake can be a large job for which you are not equipped. You do not have to put up with the water being mossy or overgrown with algae. Instead, you can get it looking its best and in the safest condition possible by hiring people who are skilled at maintaining and cleaning lakes and ponds. You can learn more about the services on the website today.