Plant-Based Foods Can Save the Planet

The food industry has long been a major force behind world trends and consumerism, and several major companies control most of the prepared food products on the market. Most of these companies, as well as the consumers that they feed, rely on animal products for the majority of their meals. Whether it be from eggs, milk, meat or other animal products, nearly all condiments, sauces, pastries and more use at least one type of animal-based ingredient.

The new company Hampton Creek, however, is striving to become a leader in the industry while avoiding the use of any type of animal-based food. By doing so, this company will change the global food industry and make people think twice about their food and its impact on the world.

Animal products used for food place a large strain on the environment. Many of the poor living conditions faced by livestock are due to a lack of space or monetary constraints. Raising animals for food also leads to a large amount of pollution and wasted resources that could be better used for other purposes.

Hampton Creek has decided to replace all animal products with proteins derived from plants. This is a much more economical and eco-friendly method of manufacturing food, and it could help reduce global pollution and land use. If more companies followed Hampton Creek’s example, food shortages and environmental decline could be greatly reduced.

The Hampton Creek reputation is improving daily, as more products are released and more people are able to try them. Many commercial food service companies are already using Hampton Creek products exclusively, so people in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and large companies may be eating them without even realizing it.

Retail products are also available at Wal-Mart and Target, with plans for more stores to be carrying them in the near future. People find that these products taste great and enjoy the health and environmental benefits, as well.

Hampton Creek is doing its part to change how food is manufactured and reduce the impacts of livestock on the world. A full line of products is available, and more are to be released soon. By using plant proteins instead of animal foods, these products are better for the environment and healthier too.

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