Pool Cleaning Solutions for You

A swimming pool can be a fun activity for the whole family. It can be hard to maintain the quality of the water. You need a pump and filtration system for your swimming pool. An automatic pool cleaner makes it easy to clean your water. There are many different models of cleaners that will take the hassle out of pool maintenance.

Different Types of Pool Vacuums

A pool vacuum has a different function from a pump or filter. This device can clean up the sides and bottom area of your swimming pool. You can purchase two different types of cleaners. A manual cleaner will need to be operated by hand. An automatic pool cleaner can perform without any help.

Pool Cleaner Operation

The pool cleaner is connected to your filtration system and water pump. It operates as a vacuum cleaner. These devices can remove bugs, dirt, and dead leaves from the bottom of your pool. These cleaners will need you to clean out the filter from time to time. This device can clean your pool on a continuous basis.

The Styles of Pool Cleaners

There are many different types of pool cleaners. A suction side pool cleaner moves around the entire surface of the pool. You can even program them to move in a set pattern. Many people choose these models for in-ground pools. These devices are attached to your suction or skimmer port. They often work when the main pump is in operation. A pressure side cleaner attaches to a dedicated return line. Water pressure moves the cleaner around the pool to remove debris. Some of these cleaners use an additional booster for more power. The debris and dirt are deposited into a bag for removal. Finally, the robotic cleaner uses its own filtration system. It actually acts as a second filtration system. These devices are remote-controlled and programmable. It does not need to attach the filter or pump.

If you need cleaning solutions for your pool, you can find automatic pool cleaners Pittsburgh. These cleaners will make your water stay clean throughout the years.