The Amazing Aspects of Berber Rugs

Fashion is always advancing, but that doesn’t render antique fashions obsolete. The fact is that most of the new advancements are from the past fashion trends or pure recreation or revisiting of the past products. That is the very case with Berber Rugs – also known as Beni Ourain rugs, these highly coveted products originate from the creative Moroccan sub-tribe ‘the Berbers.’ The Berbers have been credited for having mastered such extreme artwork, combining style, creativity and comfort all in one product. Their rugs are laced with different knotting patterns, dyes as well as fabric texture.
The Berbers traditionally hand-weaved these rugs using natural fiber and utilized them mainly as floor covers. The rugs were advantageous as people could easily roll them up and transport them during the seasonal migration.

Today, these Berber rugs are hitting high in demand again. They are the new talk in the design industry as they are currently among the most popular decoration items in the interior design industry. Being hand-woven, these rugs tend to detail market preferences and customer choices, which means that they are mainly coveted by many for home furnishing. They add a quality of luxury and elegance in your room, giving you a fine eye-catching interior look and soothing sense of class. Yet still, the current Berber Rugs are woven from the sheep of the Atlas Mountains, and they come with a rare combination of traditional and contemporary styling that fits in almost all themes.

The modern Beni rug, just like the antique models, comes in various appealing colors. They are notable for their natural white and ivory tones, and naturally dyed intertwined wool. This gives them a gentle reflection when finely draped in your room and a nice sharp contrast with most color schemes. The fact that they mainly entertain natural color even makes them more popular among many households who are looking for something cool and naturally appealing.

Berber rugs come in various sizes ranging from small, medium to large rugs. The options include:

• Small sized rugs- small sized Berber rugs are commonly displayed on the walls as a ‘work of art’ simply because of their attractive nature. They may also be used as additional floor coverings or carpets. These products come in different patterns and slightly vary in sizes and shapes, offering you an array of options to settle for.
• Medium sized Berber rugs- this set entails other cutting-edge, hand-woven pieces of rugs with varied patterns and color compositions. Considering their sizes, they can be used as an understated floor covering, or can be hang on the walls as an attractive work of art.
• Large sized Berber Rugs- owing to their sizes, these rugs are mainly used as carpets. When nicely draped on the floor with wooly texture and fine contrasting colors, they create a surreal sense of refinement and eye-catching display that compliments the interior design greatly.

With these Beni rugs coming in intricate shapes and decorated with complex patterns (considering that they are hand-woven), they tend to create some atmosphere of warmth and class lighting up your living room in a decent way.