Three Key Features in a Functional and Beautiful Bathroom


Many homeowners dream of having the perfect bathroom. One way to accomplish this is by remodeling. Renovations allow you to create the ideal bathroom complete with plenty of storage, appealing decor, and luxurious fixtures. Use the following three key features to make your new bathroom functional and beautiful.

Ample Storage

One of the best ways to improve any bathroom is to add storage. You will need room for toiletries, linens, and grooming items. One way to do this is to add cabinetry under the sink. Cupboards and drawers can hold all of these items while leaving the bathroom looking neat and tidy. Shelving can also be used to hold hand towels, extra soaps, and other items that guests may need.

Luxury Pieces

When renovating your bathroom, keep in mind exactly what the room is used for. Features like a double sink can make getting ready in the morning easier, and oversized tubs can be a wonderful place to relax. A separate walk-in shower is also nice, especially when it has one of the beautiful glass shower doors dallas tx retailers offer.

Home Decor

The bathroom should flow with the rest of your home. This is done by using colors and styles that match the other home decor in your house. If it is a master bath off of a bedroom, the decor should match the bedroom. Paint the walls in similar shades and use the same window treatments. For bathrooms off of a hallway, use the same color pallet, but avoid the exact same shade. It should compliment the hallway without looking like an extension of it.

Once you have incorporated plenty of storage space, added luxury fixtures, and decorated your bathroom in a stylish manner, you will have a room that is functional and beautiful. You’ll appreciate having room for everything you need close by, and additions such as a walk-in shower and oversized tub will allow you to relax while enjoying your newly renovated bathroom.