Tips and How to Design a Scandinavian Style Home Decor

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One characteristic of Scandinavian home interior design is the use of wood in a variety of decorations and also in some parts of the house. You can find decorations or parts starting from the floor, dining table, guest table, and even on the ceiling.

But you need to pay attention to the use of color on the walls. I suggest choosing light gray or white.

  1. Living room

  • Fresh naturalist impressions

For Scandinavian living rooms you don’t need to use luxury items. Enough with wood furniture which is finished in clear coating so that the original wood color and fiber are still visible. You can bring a simple and warm living room.

Then you can add decorations in the form of ornamental plants and some trees in the corner of the living room to create a cozy and beautiful atmosphere. Usually guests become more relaxed chatting with you because it’s so comfortable decorating the living room that is presented.

  • Always clean!

The positive impact obtained by using this Scandinavian house style is the impression of a clean and tidy obtained from the motives that are deliberately minimized so as not to look full and messy especially in the living room. It’s unfortunate not, if the display “home window” is not pleasant to be seen by the guests who come.

  1. Family Room

  • Use white wall paint

The family room is a gathering area for all family members, therefore it is necessary to have a spacious and comfortable impression in this room.

In order for the room to look wider you can apply white wall paint or other neutral colors so that the Scandinavian house style in this room is more pronounced.

  • Wide glass openings

So that the family room does not seem monotonous, you can apply several large glass to replace the fence or wall in the room. You can still freely see the condition of the outdoors when chatting warmly with other family members.

Even though you are at home you can still enjoy the view of ornamental plants in the front yard or back of the house, isn’t it fun? The incoming sunlight will make the house healthy and energy savings can occur with natural lighting. Besides that, natural sunlight is good for your body’s health.

  1. Bedroom

  • Sweet Chic impression

Scandinavian Chic, it turns out that the scandinavia room is also very suitable to be combined with today’s decoration. So that the dream of Scandinavian rooms that you desire can be realized soon, in addition to the white color, especially for the area in the dwelling you can try using a combination of gray and light blue on the wall to create a chic impression in the room.

  1. Kitchen

  • Artistic decoration

The kitchen is often used only as a place to prepare a dish for all residents of the house. So that it is considered a space that does not require decoration. But it never hurts to redecorate so that the kitchen looks more cheerful and aesthetic. The back panel of the kitchen set with exposed brick texture painted white can reinforce the Scandinavian concept. Open kitchen furniture and black can be an accent in your kitchen set area.

  • Choose furniture from wood elements

House styles that use Scandinavian designs often adopt the beauty of nature into the house. So, I advise you to buy furniture for the kitchen that looks unique but simple and multiply ornaments and wood elements into the kitchen.

For the sake of strengthening Scandinavian impressions, please choose wood with color coating, but furnish. So that the wood elements still look the fibers and are still quite raw with a blend of gray or light blue or light beige.

  • Use of lean furniture

Furniture in Scandinavian design fits perfectly with urban style interiors. You can choose furniture that has a simple design to be placed in the kitchen. Although it looks minimalist, make no mistake, because this style of furniture will look more aesthetic.