Using Natural Sources To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Going outside only to be swarmed by mosquitoes isn’t a comfortable scenario. Before you sit on your deck, spend time in your yard, or entertain family members and friends outside, there are a few things that you can use for safe mosquito control. One option is to contact a pest control company that uses natural ingredients and products that are safe for the environment as well as your family and pets.

Make a solution of lemon and eucalyptus oil. Put the oil in a small jar or on cotton balls that you place around your yard or on the banisters of your deck. This oil will not only smell good but will keep mosquitoes from ruining your time outdoors. Another option is lavender. You can put a few lavender plants around your home to ward off mosquitoes and similar pests. When the flowers have bloomed on the plants, you can crush some of them to make an oil that you can apply to your skin as an insect repellent.

Cinnamon oil is a strong repellent that has a comforting aroma. The oil can kill not only adult mosquitoes but their eggs as well. Make a solution of the oil and water that you put in a spray bottle. You can then spray the solution on anything outside or on your clothes to keep mosquitoes from attacking you while you’re enjoying time in the yard or on your deck. Avoid spraying concentrated cinnamon oil on your skin because it can sometimes become irritating and cause redness to occur.

When you speak with a pest control company about your mosquito situation, you should try to have an idea of where they are often seen in the yard. This information can usually help the technician pinpoint where the mosquitoes might be breeding, which would mean that you can get rid of any eggs that are present along with the adults.