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What You Should Know About Hurricane Shutters People who live in hurricane-prone regions have to take precautionary measures to protect themselves, their homes and windows against damaging winds and flying debris. While there are different ways of protecting windows, one of the most reliable methods is the installation of hurricane shutters. Homeowners have different types of shutters they can choose from to protect their homes against the devastating winds caused by storms. Shutters are a popular option due to their strength, affordability and versatility. Before buying hurricane shutters, there are some things you should know. Unlike what most people believe, plywood is not a substitute for hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters offer far more protection against storms than plywood. Shutters are specifically designed to withstand very strong winds and meet current design and strength codes required by particular states that experience hurricanes. Although many people still use plywood as a last-minute solution for storm protection, it shouldn’t be a permanent solution. To ensure reliable protection, buy the highest quality hurricane shutters for your windows. Buyers have various types of hurricane shutters to choose from. The common types include roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, Bahama shutters and storm panels. Roll-down shutters offer protection throughout the year and are installed permanently and offer additional shading and security to homes. For accordion shutters, installation is also permanent with simple rolling required along a track ensuring easy use. Storm panels are installed temporarily before a storm, are clear and the cheapest to install but have to be taken down after a storm. Bahamas shutters are also permanently mounted above each window opening and easily enhance a home’s design. The type you select should be based on the level of protection you want.
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It’s important to also make sure that your hurricane shutters are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. The fact that hurricane shutters act as the first line of defense against storm damage on your home means you should always make sure that they are working as expected. Whether you have installed permanent or temporary hurricane shutters, you should have them inspected by a certified professional annually, especially before the hurricane season starts. If issues like cracked shutters or failing rollers are identified, professional repairs or replacements should be done. Regular opening and closing of installed shutters will help you know if they are working properly. To clean your shutters use mild soap and warm water.
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To buy the best hurricane shutters, search for the most established companies specializing in storm protection in your area. Although DIY installation is sometimes considered, it’s always advisable to have the initial installation of your window shutters done by a professional. Professional work comes with guarantees that completed installations are reliable and can be relied on for hurricane protection. Professional services are also offered with a warranty, meaning you don’t have to worry about potential problems not being fixed. Choosing the right storm protection company helps you get reliable advice on what shutters best suit your home as well as the best installation and maintenance solutions.

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