What’s Lurking in Your Unfiltered Well Water?


To Drink From Tap Or Not To Drink From Tap?

While well water is certainly nice in that you don’t have to rely on the city’s water, it also comes with its dangers. Many of these wells were made decades, if not centuries, ago. Since they’re not the easiest things to access, you no doubt can’t be sure of what the state of your well exactly looks like. If you don’t have a filtration system attached to your well, then you and your family could be taking a risk every time you take a sip of water from your tap. You should have a water filtration system Tampa FL installed in order to reduce the risk of drinking some of these common contaminants lurking in your well water.


Perhaps the thought of little organisms and bugs lurking in your water gives you the chills. You might just be subject to that if your water isn’t filtered. Parasites can easily make their home in well water. Since the water in wells comes from groundwater, if that groundwater is contaminated by something like fertilizer, then you’re at risk for parasites making their way into your water. These parasites can wreak a lot of havoc on your health. Especially if you’re not aware of them residing in your body. A filtration system can remove parasites from the water that you drink.


If you have an old well, you may have lead in the water without realizing it. Lead occurs naturally in the world but it can also come from contaminants. Both can leak into your well water and then into your body whenever you take a drink. For those with young children in the house, lead can severely impact their development. A filtration system can remove lead and keep your children and yourself safe.


Another common contaminant found in well water is bacteria. One wrong strain can quickly become lethal.