Why Don’t Homeless Folks Just Get Jobs?

HomesBaltimore has extra rowhouses than any other metropolis within the United States. The long rows of brick catch the solar and seem to glow with that warmth we affiliate with house. Basement windows hold little dioramas with personal or spiritual themes, and painted screens turn narrow streets into outdoor artwork galleries.

I will have to start the process subsequent week-They are 29 with a eight yr old & 23 with a 3 month previous. The bills are nearly a $1,000 now. The grass is up to my butt with a working lawnmower in the yard. This has been the hardest thing to do in my ENTIRE life-but my eighty five yr old father lives across the road-& is sick to death at taking a look at it.

I’ve been homeless on and off for the last 3 years. Prior to this I was a System Engineer/System Administrator for 35 years for fortune 500 corporations. Medical causes (MS Relapse/Cervical Radiculopathy). I see drug use alot, individuals with bi-polar/schizophrenia). I also have seen staff problems – treatment was like a jail not a shelter. I used to be the one doing philanthropy but because of the life path change, I see the opposite side. I am not sure I would do the philanthropy again. There’s alot of integrity/professionalism/ethics-morals-values issues with a few of the shelter techniques.Homes

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