Why Your Air Conditioner Vents Need Cleaning

Maintaining your air conditioning system includes many things such as changing filters, checking the levels of coolant, and ensuring thermostats are working correctly. However, your air conditioning vents need attention as well. They can contain pollutants that can cause problems for people that suffer from breathing problems, allergies, and other respiratory illness.

Dust Contains Allergens

Ducts can often be hiding places for bugs and even rodents. Dust can form inside the ducts. Dust can contain mold and fungus spores, pet dander, dead insects, and many other things that can cause the air quality of your home to become compromised. It is possible for dust to build up into clumps that can contain more than two-hundred allergens.

In addition to the impurities that can be entering your home through the ducts, when they are not cleaned periodically, this can affect the amount of air being pushed through the air system. This will make your air conditioner work harder and shorten the life of the system. This is why companies such as Gulf Shore Cooling provides air conditioning service fort myers.

Signs There is Dust in the Vents

There are particular signs that indicate dust or other impurities in your vents. If dust comes out of the vent when the AC is turned on, this is one. If you hear noise in the air vents when the system is on, there could be something blocking the duct. This could be caused by several things, such as dirt blocking the damper. Even filters that are dirty can cause polluted air to blow from the system into your home.

An air conditioning system takes air in and blows it out, so if pollutants and dirt are picked up during intake, it will be circulated back into the home. Simply living in a home can cause many things to be released into the air from dust to pet fur, dander, and chemicals. Any or all of this can be pulled into the system and recirculated into the air everyone breathes. As this happens over and over, the pollutants can build up in the ducts. Cleaning is essential to keep them free of the pollutants.