How to Clean The Living Room At Your Home and Your Office

Cleanliness of the living room should always be maintained, if not clean we will be embarrassed when friends visit home. To create a comfortable atmosphere while chatting in the living room and for the living room aura to be positive, we must also look around. Maintaining the cleanliness of the living room or as soon as possible to clean it after use is the best way to keep the living room always look neat and clean. To keep the living room is always tidy, here is how to clean the living room and tidy up.

1. Cleaning With Professional Cleaning Service

If you don’t have free time and don’t want to complicated with the clean room, living room or work space either at home or at the office, you can contact cleaning maid service. Its professional performance, fast, quality and friendly full of smiles is no doubt. They are used and experienced to clean every room at home or office. You can prove yourself that professional maid service is a team of professionals that has been cleaning residential and commercial properties since 2008 using green and natural cleaning products. And for sure, the price to hire their services is very safe for your finances, and suitable to your budget. Immediately prove their own services..

2. Cleaning your own (For those who can and have a lot of time)

Before starting to clean the house, we first relax the brain and body to be more relaxed because of the exhausting work that is very tiring. Providing musical chants would be great in the living room. With music you can enjoy the work of cleaning the living room which often takes a lot of time.

Watch to see what to do

Spend about 5 seconds to stand in front of the door and look around. Identify whatever is there and think quickly what to do. What to get rid of and what to get rid of so that the cleaning process can run smoothly and quickly.

Clear the cause of the chaos on the table

The cause of the table looks dirty and messy is usually a cup, glass, a jar that is not closed, food crumbs and others. Do not forget to bring a tray or small basket to put dirty plates and dirty glasses in order to be transported at once. This will save you a lot of time.

Clean the top first

Start by cleaning the top. We clean the top first so that the falling debris can be swept at once. To make it easier you can use a broom that has a long handle.

Use the box to tidy up everything on the floor

The living room is also usually not escape from the various chaos caused by children’s toys, books that are not returned in place, and even sometimes there are clothes children left behind there. To be faster and to further shorten the time you can use the contacts to collect these items before they are returned to their place.

Clean the carpet

This is the most difficult part to clean. Carpets should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to suck dust and dirt. In addition, one you can use a brush to clean it. As for animal hairs, if you have a pet, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Easy tips to clean fur from the floor or from the carpet is to use a wet rubber gloves.

Get rid of furniture that looks annoying

Sometimes we want to show off something in the living room to be seen by others. But not all things can be placed in the living room, especially if the living room is narrow and small. So, try to be more wise and get rid of anything that can cause the living room looks very cramped and cramped.